Greens | Hawaiian Honey Tea
Greens | Hawaiian Honey Tea

Greens | Hawaiian Honey Tea

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In our original flavor, Strong + Sexy Fit brings you the tastiest Greens formula on the market. We jam packed this with fruits, vegetables, and electrolytes to nourish your body and give it the fuel it deserves. Aside from fruits, veggies, and electrolytes, our Greens also has a digestive enzyme to keep things flowing smoothly through your body and prevent back ups. Not only will you be getting major health benefits from our formula, but we’re sure you will actually ENJOY this drink daily!

Directions for use: Following directions for use on the label, add to 8-10oz or more of water. Stir. Note that the ingredients may not all dissolve right away as they are raw materials and real ingredients. This is normal.

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