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Q: What exactly makes the Strong and Sexy Fit plans different from all the other fitness e-books out there?
A: For starters, our e-books include a never before seen circuit training method that we developed specifically for this program. Our detox has a proprietary blend, and our IF guide is also a proprietary method which we developed ourselves. Aside from that, we also include what many other fitness e-books fail to include: how to prepare yourself for life after the fitness program. You see, most fitness programs train you for 30 days or 12 weeks and then leave you hanging. We have created our plans to actually WORK. There is nothing in our plans which you will find with a simple internet search. Most importantly you’ll be a part of SSF Army, our community of people with similar fitness goals who have your back and will help support you every step of the way.

Q: How do I know if the Strong and Sexy Fit Plans are for me?
A: If any of the following describe you:

  • You’ve tried everything and you think nothing can work
  • You think that you’ll never be fit and you’ll never be healthy
  • You’re tired of restrictive diets and starving yourself

Q: How can I access my e-book once purchased? 
A: Upon purchase, check your email (and possibly your spam folder) for a message containing your downloads. You will have 3 attempts and 3 days to download your purchase before the link will expire. If the link has expired please contact us at strongsexyfit@gmail.com and we would be happy to reset it for you.

Q: Do you offer returns/refunds for downloadable products?
A: Due to the nature of downloadable products, we cannot offer returns/refunds since they are intangible items. For more information, please check our Terms & Conditions page by clicking here. This includes when customers purchase multiple copies of the same guide on SEPARATE purchases. We will not honor a refund if you forget to use a code and make a second purchase with that code. We will not honor a refund if you lose access to a guide and purchase it again. For assistance with guide access please email strongsexyfit@gmail.com. The only time a refund will be honored is when a customer purchased multiple copies of the same product on a single purchase.

Q: Which guides have videos?
A: Our Peach Plan as well as our Original SSF Plan both have videos. In order to access the videos for the Peach Plan, see the last page of the e-book. In order to access the videos for thee original plan, please click thee icon on each corresponding page. These are the only ways to access the videos for each plan.

Q: Do you provide physical copies of your books?
A: All of our e-books are downloadable direct to your devices. We do not offer physical copies. If you would like a physical copy, we recommend visiting your local STAPLES and asking them for help printing and binding this for you. It is a relatively inexpensive thing to do.

Q: I have lost access to my e-book. What can I do to get it back?
A: Please email strongsexyfit@gmail.com and we would be happy to help you restore access.

 In the event that you are unable to access your ebooks purchased prior to July 2019 Strong And Sexy Fit will request a screenshot of your order confirmation email. Upon receipt access to purchased guides only will be issued via Dropbox. In the event that you cannot access a guide purchased after July 1, 2019 Strong And Sexy Fit will reset your link to access your purchase. Strong And Sexy Fit has the right to refuse a reset if they notice anything suspicious on your purchase profile or download history. Please note Strong And Sexy Fit is not responsible for refunding any customers who choose to make multiple purchases of the same guides because they lose access to them. It is the customer’s responsibility to request assistance via email at strongsexyfit@gmail.com. We do not offer refunds under any circumstances due to the downloadable nature of our products. The customer is responsible for their purchases.

Q: I want to try the Fat Burner but I have an underlying condition. Is it safe for me to use?
A: We always recommend talking with your doctor as they will have special knowledge on your condition. We cannot provide medical advice. Our labels to our supplements are located on the product pages and are available of roy to discuss individually with your doctor.

Q: Is the Fat Burner safe to use while breastfeeding?
A: We recommend talking with your doctor and asking them this question as they will know your specific situation best. Please feel free to use the nutrition label for the product provided on the product page to share ingredient details 
with them.

Q: What is the return policy for your Fat Burner?
A: Due to the consumable nature of the product we do not offer any refunds on our supplements. 

Q: Where are your supplements made?
A: All of our supplements are made here in the USA. We us a GMP certified facility so you always know you are getting the highest quality products.