Goddess Hormone Support Powder | Rose Lemonade
Goddess Hormone Support Powder | Rose Lemonade
Goddess Hormone Support Powder | Rose Lemonade

Goddess Hormone Support Powder | Rose Lemonade

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Now available in powdered version, our Hormone Support Formula, Goddess, is here to change your life. Goddess is a one stop formula for a lot of the problems you may have, or may not even know you have. 

At Strong and Sexy Fit, we understand the issues women struggle with when it comes to hormone level fluctuations you face on a monthly basis. That’s why GODDESS was scientifically developed by our team of lead scientists to help the female body find a level of homeostasis through healthy hormonal balance when experiencing issues and symptoms due to PMS, menopause, hot flashes, thyroid issues, skin conditions, fertility, lack of energy and more. GODDESS is the most scientifically backed and researched formula based off the most current clinical research to date. Your body is a temple and you can be assured that GODDESS is your answer to helping you keep it that way!

If you’ve struggled with hormonal imbalance symptoms such as severe symptoms from PCOS, PMS, menopause, acne, skin complexion, weight issues, lack
of energy and motivation, mood swings, sleep or troubles with depression and anxiety, GODDESS is here to help. Ladies, let your inner GODDESS shine!

Vitamin D-3: We use the highest bioavailable form! This helps the immune system function and bone and skin health. It also helps to improve mood and fight symptoms of depression.

Biotin: Greatly improves the health of your hair, skin, and nails! Biotin can also help regulate healthy blood sugar levels and boosts the body’s ability to convert food into energy.

Folate: Helps to regulate cellular functions and may reduce risk of birth defects. Improves the way the body breaks down carbohydrates into energy thus improving energy levels.

Myo-inositol: Regulates menstrual cycle and promotes healthy ovulation. May improve mood. May improve fertility in those affected by PCOS. Great for heart health and mood.

L-Glutathione Reduced (as Setria®) Known as the 'Master Antioxidant' Setria® Glutathione is a tripeptide composed of L-Glutamic acid, L-Cysteine and Glycine. helps protect cells from the damaging effects of toxins and oxidative stress and plays a key role in supporting immune function.

DIM (Broccoli) : Improves weight loss. Reduces acne caused by hormonal imbalances. Helps estrogen metabolism.

Calcium D- Glucarate: helps to detoxify the body and remove carcinogens from environmental factors and a poor diet. The processed food that we eat causes the release of many toxins in the body. This helps to remove them!

Chasteberry: May help with acne. Increases progesterone levels. Relieves PMS symptoms. Helps to stimulate the pituitary gland. Stimulates milk production in new mothers. Relieves bloating. Helps reduce mood swings severity. Helps with hot flashes.

D-Chiro-inositol: Helps treat PCOS, metabolic syndrome, combats insulin resistance. Reduces high blood pressure. Fights free radicals in the body.

*do not take while on hormonal birth control without consulting your doctor as this product may decrease the effectiveness of birth control.

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