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Fasted Cardio

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***500 COPIES ONLY!***

Join now to be a part of our competition with $2000 in cash prizes! Only 500 copies will be available and then the guide will not be available for a period of time while we run the competition.

This guide is not to be confused with Intermittent Fasting! Our fasted cardio guide incorporates cardiovascular exercise in a fasted state to burn through fat. The exercises are meant to get you in that prime fat burning stage- not working too hard and burning through muscle, and not working too little and burning through nothing. This will get you to just that right spot. This guide works best on stubborn fat areas like mid-section and thighs.  Get started today!           

Includes our Nutrition Guide FREE!

Competition details:

60 day competition of the best compositional change based on a before and after photo. This will not be based on total weight loss or numbers, but COMPOSITIONAL CHANGE of body. Based completely on the two photos side by side differences.

Must take a before photo holding our SSF competition page- which can be printed by clicking the link below - (with name and date filled out). And then again hold this printout in your after photo.


10 winners chosen by the SSF Team. Prizes below:

  1. $750
  2. $500
  3. $250
  4. $150
  5. $100
  6. $50
  7. $50
  8. $50
  9. $50
  10. $50





****competition has closed****