How to Access your Downloads

Download page

Now, when you go to your download page, you will see a link with either your name, or your email address. Click the link will take you to the customer account login page:

Claim account

If this is the first time you’ve clicked the link, you'll need to claim your account by clicking the ‘Claim Account’ button:

Create password

Clicking the ‘Claim Account’ button will send a unique link to your email address. Clicking the link in the email takes you to the login page where they'll create your customer account password:

All orders listed

Once done, you are taken to your account page which contains details of all the orders you've made:

Download pages

Clicking any of the download links will take you to the order download page so you can retrieve your files:


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You may create an account with our site and find all of your purchases, as well as manage your subscription below. Be sure to use your purchase email. Any purchase made with this email will automatically show up in your order history. 

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