Strong+Sexy Plan Pricing

Are you trying to focus on building a strong, defined peach? Check out our brand new Strong+Sexy Peach Plan today!


With our SSF Ebook, we’ll take you by the hand and guide you through each step of your transformative STRONG+SEXY process.

What’s inside the Ebook? 

  • 30-day workout routine 
  • Brand new customizable “Blocking Method” training style that will strengthen and define your body 
  • 4 key habits that will guarantee a sleek, defined physique 
  • Nutrition tips and guidance to help you use food as fuel without restricting  
  • Instructional exercise photos shot in high quality for improved guidance  
  • Effective exercises that can be done at the gym, from home or outdoors with minimal equipment 

Crisp, clear exercise videos for perfect form 

Need form guidance for exercises? With our high-quality, instructional videos, you’ll be able to watch each exercise from multiple angles to ensure you achieve a safe workout with good form every time.

But what happens after the 30 days is over? 

With our Gold or Diamond membership plan, it’s never been easier to maintain your strong and sexy physique. 

Hit your target goals and actually keep your results

Say goodbye to losing your hard-earned results. Reach your goals and continuosly improve upon them with fresh, brand new workouts delivered to you every month via our exclusive SSF member area.

With our SSF team and community, you're never alone

Not only will you continuously receive new Strong+Sexy workouts, but with a membership you’ll become automatically enrolled in the SSF Army, a community forum designed to provide tips, answers, motivation, support and more from our team and other SSF members just like you! 


One-on-one support with our trainers via email, phone or Skype

With our “Ask The Trainer” and “Virtual Trainer” programs, you can direct any questions to our Trainers through email, phone call or even face to face via skype video chat.

More affordable than 2 Starbucks drinks per month

Most personal training plans cost at least $600 dollars a month or MORE, but with our Gold and Diamond  membership options priced at $7.99 or $5.99 per month, you recieve all of this value and MORE for about $0.25 or LESS per day.

Break the cycle of self-doubt. Uncover the strong, sexy mind and body within you! 

Transform your life and reveal your strongest, sexiest YOU.

You are ready.

Even if you don’t “feel ready” yet, you are.

If you wait until you “feel ready”, you’ll be waiting your entire life.

You deserve to possess and exude the strong and sexy body, mind and lifestyle that you are capable of.

All you have to do is break the cycle of wishing for it and take action.

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