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Speak "IT" into Existence

A daily affirmation is a verbal declaration; a guarantee that you WILL succeed. Think of your daily affirmation as verbal confirmation. It is extremely important to not only think you can but to SAY you can. Speak your future into existence, "I can and I will." The Strong and Sexy E-book outlines the importance of goal setting and decision making. Affirmations will be posted daily on the Strong and Sexy blog for you to read aloud before your workouts, after your workouts, morning, noon, and night. Be sure to write your own affirmations. Say what you want and what you will do to achieve what you want.

EX: I am strong. I am stronger today than I was yesterday. My mind is stronger. My body is stronger. I want to be/ do/ get (goal) and will (action) to get there. I am closer today than I was yesterday. I am strong.

Repeat this affirmation as often as you would like. This is meant to be encouraging, reinforcing, and positive. If you want a strong and sexy body you must have a strong and sexy mind. SPEAK "it" into existence!


Share your affirmations below!

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