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Build a Bigger Booty

Ok, so do not completely eliminate squatting from your workouts. Think "refinement." The glutes (aka booty) are the largest muscle group in the body, yet still the golden question remains, "how do I build stronger sexier glutes?" Squatting IS a great exercise for building your glutes. However, a glute bridge, glute kickback, reverse lunge, along with many other exercises are great for building head turning glutes. You may be saying, "I perform these exercises and I am not getting the results I want. What could I possibly be missing?" An exercise can be performed many different ways. For our purposes, when you think of a specific exercise, think of a specific muscle group. Pay close attention here; this is where the confusion begins. Performing an exercise does not guarantee that you are isolating a specific muscle group, it merely places you in the best position to isolate a specific muscle group. Synergy occurs (muscles working together) to perform the exercise. What does this mean? This means that while your desperately trying to build those glutes, your (hamstrings/quads primarily) along with many other muscle groups are aiding in performing the movement. Your goal is to have your glutes perfrom AS MUCH WORK as possible without the aid of surrounding muscles. Other muscles will still be working, your goal is to drastically decrease their workload. Follow these guidelines:
  1. Feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart
  2. Point toes slightly outward
  3. Keep weight in heels
  4. Squat below parallel (if possible) and refrain from locking out knees at the top
  5. Rhythm; never change speed. Move up and down at the same pace
  6. *MOST IMPORTANT* practice flexing your glutes; ANYWHERE! This will build your mind muscle connection. Flexing is a SKILL and is the key to learning how to isolate a specific muscle group throughout a movement. Sit down and flex. Lay down and flex. Flex, flex, flex. Then, carry this skill into the movement.
Properly isolating a muscle group is a skill! Prior to performing an exercise, ask yourself what specific muscle(s) you are targeting, and use the principles of flexing and isolating. Now, build that booty!

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