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Battling Love Handles

Fighting the good fight for that thin, trim, and lean waistline can be difficult, frustrating, and exhausting. But do not give up! We are here to share with you the solution. The good news is, regardless your starting point, you are only two steps away from attaining that strong and sexy waistline! Let's begin by recognizing the problems. There are two focal points to consider when fighting to attain a trim, strong, and sexy six pack. Focal point one; Body fat. Believe it or not, the only thing between you and that strong and sexy waist is fat! Overlying your abdominal muscles is the endomysium, a connective tissue sheath that protects the muscles. Following the endomysium there is fat, a necessary evil that aids in organ protection, maintaining core body temperature, and in certain circumstances can be used as a back up fuel source for the body. Finally, we have the soft outer issue otherwise known as the skin. The skin functions in body protection, regulation and sensation. We recognize that all three, sheath, fat, and skin are necessary for overall health and body function. Fat, however necessary can be and must be regulated. The protective sheath and skin are a thin tissue that hugs the body tightly. Simply, of the three, fat, though not bad, should be reduced by means of exercise and a caloric deficit. You CAN have too much fat. An overproduction of fat COVERS muscle. Therefore, we must begin by stripping away the excess body fat. Focal point two; the abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles shield the front and sides of the body. The abdominal's visible from the front compose the "rectus abdominis." The abdominal's visible from the side compose the "external obliques." Abdominal training is vital for attaining muscular tone and strength. The strong and sexy plan has the most effective and efficient eight minute ab chiseling workouts constructed. Follow the Strong and Sexy ab plan and your abs will have the strength and shape that will turn any head at the beach.  Remember, step one is REMOVING EXCESS fat that is COVERING the abdominal's. Step two is performing abdominal exercises that participate in abdominal muscular STRENGTH and SHAPE. Whose ready for a six pack!

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